Christopher J Kloxin

Christopher Kloxin
  • Joint Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

226 CLB
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716
302-831-1048 (fax)

  • Doctorate - 2006 North Carolina State University
  • Bachelors - 1999 University of Colorado

"Our primary research focus is on stimuli-responsive materials, which include light-actuated, environmentally adaptable, and self-healing materials, for applications ranging from low stress and healable dental restoratives to photo-induced delivery of gene therapeutics. We utilize an array of synthetic approaches, from basic organic synthetic reactions to controlled polymerization, to fabricate these novel materials."

XSelected Publications

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  1. Gordon, M.B., French, J.M., Wagner, N.J., Kloxin, C.J., "Dynamic Bonds in Covalently Crosslinked Polymer Networks for Photoactivated Strengthening and Healing", Advanced Materials 27(48), 8007, (2015)
  2. Xi, W., Pattanayak, S., Wang, C., Fairbanks, B., Gong, T., Wagner, N.J., Kloxin, C.J., Bowman, C.N., "Clickable Nucleic Acids: Sequence-Controlled Periodic Copolymer/Oligomer Synthesis by Orthogonal Thiol-X Reactions", Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54(48), 14462, (2015)
  3. Xi, W., Scott, T.F., Kloxin, C.J., Bowman, C.N., "Click Chemistry in Materials Science", Advanced Functional Materials 24(18), 2572, (2014)
  4. Ma, S.J.; Mannino S.J.; Wagner, N.J.; & Kloxin, C.J., "Photodirected Formation and Control of Wrinkles on a Thiol-ene Elastomer", ACS Macro Letters 2, 474, (2013)
  5. Kloxin, C.J. & Bowman, C.N., "Covalent Adaptable Networks: Smart, Reconfigurable and Responsive Network Systems", Chemical Society Reviews 42(17), 7161, (2013)
  6. Kloxin, C.J.; Scott, T.F.; Park, H.; & Bowman, C.N., "Mechanophotopatterning on a Photoresponsive Elastomer", Advanced Materials 23(17), 1977, (2011)
  7. Adzima, B.J.; Tao, Y.; Kloxin, C.J.; DeForest, C.A.; Anseth, K.S.; & Bowman, C.N., "Spatial and Temporal Control of the Alkyne--Azide Cycloaddition by Photoinitiated Cu(ll) Reduction", Nature Chemistry 3, 258, (2011)
  8. Kloxin, A.M.; Kloxin, C.J.; Bowman, C.N.; & Anseth, K.A., "Mechanical Properties of Cellularly Responsive Hydrogels and their Experimental Determination", Advanced Materials 22, 3484, (2010)
  9. Adzima, B.J.; Kloxin, C.J.; & Bowman, C.N., "Externally Triggered Healing of a Thermoreversible Covalent Network via Self-Limited Hysteresis Heating", Advanced Materials 22, 2784, (2010)
  10. Kloxin, C.J.; Scott, T.F.; Adzima, B.J.; & Bowman, C.N., "Covalent Adaptable Networks (CANs): A Unique Paradigm in Crosslinked Polymers", Macromolecules 43, 2643, (2010)


XSelected Awards

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  1. Research Foundation Award (University of Delaware: 2012)

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