Maciek R. Antoniewicz
Centennial Junior Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Professor
Metabolic engineering, systems biology, metabolic flux analysis, biofuels, diabetes
Antony N. Beris
Arthur B. Metzner Professor
Modeling and simulation of complex flows, nonequilibrium thermodynamics and transport phenomena.
Sujata K. Bhatia
Continuing Track Professor
Joint Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Advancing healthcare; biomedical and biochemical engineering for clinical applications; biomaterials for medical devices; innovative teaching models for clinical immersion and product design
Douglas J. Buttrey
Full Professor
Synthesis and characterization of advanced materials for catalysis and energy-related applications.
Wilfred Chen
Gore Professor of Chemical Engineering
Cellular and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology for biofuel production, protein therapeutics, viral detection, drug discovery, protein purification.
David W. Colby
Assistant Professor
Cellular and protein engineering; protein therapeutics; prions and protein misfolding; cellular reprogramming
L. Pamela Cook
Joint Professor of Mathematics
Associate Dean, Engineering
Fluid flows, especially non-Newtonian (polymer) fluid flows; transonic aerodynamics (flight near the speed of sound); mathematical modeling of physical systems; asymptotic and perturbation methods, especially as applied to nonlinear, partial differential equation systems
Prasad S. Dhurjati
Joint Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Full Professor
Systems Medicine and Systems Biology, Autism, BioProcess Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, On-Line Process Fault Diagnosis, Modeling and Simulation of Engineering, Biological and Medical Systems
R. Bertrum Diemer
Professor of Practice
Particle technology with emphasis on mathematical modeling of particulate systems and gas-to-powder conversion processes.
Joshua A. Enszer
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Scholarship of teaching and learning, game-based learning, metacognition, modeling and simulation.
Thomas H. Epps, III
Thomas & Kipp Gutshall Professor of Chemical Engineering
Joint Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Self-assembling polymers, nanostructured materials, fuel cell and battery membranes, and soft materials for drug delivery.
Eric M. Furst
Full Professor
Director, Center for Molecular & Engineering Thermodynamics (CMET)
Colloid and polymer physics, microrheology, active and non-linear microrheology, controlled delivery of therapeutics, cell biophysics, complex fluid structure and rheology, particulate gels, directed self-assembly.
Arthi Jayaraman
Associate Professor
Joint Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Polymer nanocomposites, self-assembly, polymer for organic photovoltaics, soft materials for drug and gene delivery, molecular simulations
Feng Jiao
Assistant Professor
Energy storage and conversion, Lithium-ion batteries, Solar energy harvesting, and Nanostructure materials.
Michael T. Klein
Dan Rich Chair of Energy
Expertise in chemical reaction engineering, with special emphasis on the kinetics of complex systems.
April Kloxin
Assistant Professor
Joint Professor, Materials Science
Biomaterials, stimuli-responsive materials, three-dimensional cell culture, tissue engineering, and drug delivery.
Christopher J. Kloxin
Joint Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Monomer and polymer synthesis, covalent adaptable networks, self-healing materials, stimuli-responsive polymers, and polymer photochemistry.
Kelvin H. Lee
Gore Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Biomolecular, biomedical, and metabolic engineering; proteomics and systems biology; biological mass spectrometry; protein secretion and synthesis; diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
Abraham M. Lenhoff
Allan P. Colburn Professor of Chemical Engineering
Transport phenomena, separation processes, biophysics and bioengineering.
Yun Liu
Joint Associate Professor, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Research Associate Professor
Structure and dynamics of colloidal systems, adsorption of small molecules in porous media, energy/gas storage materials, water dynamics in confined spaces.
Raul F. Lobo
Claire D. LeClaire Professor
Director, Center for Catalytic Science & Technology (CCST)
Inorganic materials synthesis and characterization, catalysis and kinetics, and adsorption and separations.
Michael E. Mackay
Distinguished Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Full Professor
Development of new nanoscale materials with particular emphasis on nanocomposites, self assembly in thin films and polymer-based solar cells
James N. Michaels
Professor of Practice
Particle technology with emphasis in granular flow and segregation, size enlargement, and particle characterization.
Babatunde A. Ogunnaike
William L. Friend Chair of Chemical Engineering
Professor, Center for Systems Biology - DBI
Process control, modeling and simulation; systems biology; and applied statistics.
Marat Orazov
Assistant Professor
Joining us 09/01/2018
Catalysis; coupled catalytic systems; selective biomass conversion; renewable fuels and chemicals; microporous materials; shape and size selectivity at electrodes.
Eleftherios T. Papoutsakis
Joint Professor, Biological Sciences
Eugene DuPont Chair of Chemical Engineering
DBI Faculty Fellow
Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microbial systems for biofuels and chemicals production; bioengineering of stem cells and hematopoiesis; experimental genomics and computational biology.
Christopher J. Roberts
Full Professor
Director, Center for Biomanufacturing Science & Technology (CBST)
Protein biophysics and biotechnology; biopharmaceutical stability; statistical mechanics and thermodynamics; molecular modeling.
Stanley I. Sandler
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
H.B. duPont Chair of Chemical Engineering
Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, computational quantum mechanics, phase equilibria, separations processes, biochemical separations.
Millicent O. Sullivan
Centennial Junior Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Professor
Drug delivery, gene delivery, biomaterials and stimuli-responsive materials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Dionisios G. Vlachos
Allan & Myra Ferguson Chair of Chemical Engineering
Joint Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Director, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation
Catalysis, rational design of catalysts, sustainable energy, portable microchemical devices for power and chemicals generation, fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass, reactor design, nanomaterials, multiscale modeling, self-assembly and self-organization
Norman J. Wagner
Robert L. Pigford Chair of Chemical Engineering
Joint Professor, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Affiliated Professor, BIOMS Program
Rheology of colloidal dispersion, nanoparticles, surfactant, biopolymer and polymer solution, and structured polymers and polymer blends; nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of complex fluids.
Bingjun Xu
Assistant Professor
Heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, mechanistic studies of surface mediated reactions, in-situ spectroscopies, biomass conversion, light alkane activation and fuel cells.
Yushan Yan
Distinguished Engineering Professor
Electrochemical energy devices; membranes and catalysts for fuel cells, electrolyzers, redox flow batteries, and solar hydrogen; and zeolite thin films for semiconductor and aerospace applications
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